Kowabunga Cream 1 oz - Stimulating Vegan Pain Relief

What it is:  Yin and Yang in a jar. A concentrated combination of ingredients that quickly help your stressed and tight muscles relax while warming and stimulating circulation with a delicious cinnamon scent.

More:  Organic food grade botanicals that are readily absorbed by your skin and stimulate collagen. Concentrated base can be blended with other lotions and oils.

Suggested use: Topically with tight muscles and discomfort and places where circulation is needed. Can be warming when applied to skin.


Noni high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and immune system booster, has been shown to enhance blood flow.

Awa – anesthetic, analgesic, calming, anti-spasmodic for muscle relaxation and has a numbing effect for pain relief.

Magnesium - most absorbent, penetrates the cell walls to relax muscular contractions.

Capsaicin – brings pain relief—can be spicy—analgesic in a variety of conditions associated with pain. 


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